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I’m selling my Kite-Surf equipment!








ID-18-1-NOVA-DOC-UK – (right-click – save as 4.6 MB PDF!)this is the user manual for the kite, and it explains the lines the bag, everything. In addition to what is listed, I also include a pump.

Here is a review of the Takoon Nova 2005 kite in action.

If you are interested – head over to my ebay auctions. I have put them there for 1 Euro. Final price is up to the bidders! Don’t call me and ask if you can have it for xxx, because I don’t know, I don’t decide it. The other bidders will decide 😉

Good luck!


Strange mail from Bruce walker


I recently put a Laptop for sale in a local community web page. Within about an hour I received the following mail:

From: bruce walker
subject: inquiry for laptop

dear seller,
i am interested i purchasing the item advertised by you online……….i would like to know the full working condition of the item.i am alright with the price and i would like to know your payment get back to me as soon as possible because i really need the item very urgently.have a nice day.
business regard.
bruce walker

Strange, huh? I had posted details about the product and myself, but this mail quotes nothing, not my name, not even the brand of the laptop. Bruce wants to buy this “item”?

Well, I decided this must be a bot of some kind, and and judging by the spelling mistakes a bad one, so I didn’t reply. I did however do a search on Bruce’s email address and some quotes from the inquiry, but google had nothing for me. Am I really the first one to report this? If you have seen a similar message, let me know in the comments.

Recommending Inbox Zero


Got too much email? Who doesn’t. But there is help.
The reason for this post is that Merlin from 43 folders has done a Google Tech Talk about his Inbox Zero. I share his passion for GTD, and his presentation is really worth watching. Watch Inbox Zero on google video. The slide deck is shared, too. Go!

OK, nothing so far that you could not have read in any other blog roll. So what makes this personal? When I came back from almost 3 weeks of honeymoon, I had hundreds of email. I spend 2 days at work just reading. Right now, my counters are 2 unread 130 read in the private Inbox, 35 unread 195 read in the work Inbox. That’s not counting filtered mails, where I am sure I don’t need to action on. And it’s getting worse as I type here.

Hence I am really happy about Merlin and the good folks at google to share all this with us – it’s so great to be reminded about what is common sense. I’ll put the Inbox Zero into action! Goal: Be at zero by the end of this week.