About Me, Kai Steinbach

I was Made in Germany around 1977 / 78, where I spent my childhood and went to school. My early hobbies of playing piano and making movies were nice, but I didn’t feel like spending a career on those topics. Somehow I ended up studying Computer Science in the beautiful town of Dresden. I liked it more and more, and probably because of that it was not very hard for me either. I finished after 9 semesters in December 2000 with the german grade 1 / “sehr gut” (very good).

During both the high school and university I always envied friends who spent a year or so abroad. I wanted that too. I never did. All I could do was visit some of them in England and the USA – but that were short trips of a few weeks only. Maybe it was the curiosity for living in a different culture, something drove me to look for jobs abroad.

My initial career was stil local in Dresden – I worked as a Software Developer first for DaimlerCrysler debis, which is now T-Systems, and then for the Otto Group (the world’s largest mail-order company). Later an opportunity came up and I went to the also beautiful Bershire Thames Valley, where I became an Infrastructure Analyst for Mars Inc. I learned a lot there, not so much in IT, but really lots about culture, management, businesses and super-large coorperations. I really enjoyed it a lot. Mars is quite special, being one of the largest privately held companies around – it has 35000 employees and owned and run by the family (3rd and 4th generation “Mars”).

Some 3 ½ years later another opportunity came along – a job working for Computer Associates (now CA) based in Barcelona. I knew the town from several Microsoft TechEd Europe events, where I usually spent a week each year. And for the location alone I couldn’t say no. The job was a logical step forward, too – I went from an industry (chocolate manufacture)  to a software company, and from Infrastructure project manager to Consultant.

Since January 2005 I live and work in even more beautiful catalan capital. More recent activites outside of IT include Kite Surfing and being a hobby pilot.


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