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Strange mail from Bruce walker


I recently put a Laptop for sale in a local community web page. Within about an hour I received the following mail:

From: bruce walker
subject: inquiry for laptop

dear seller,
i am interested i purchasing the item advertised by you online……….i would like to know the full working condition of the item.i am alright with the price and i would like to know your payment get back to me as soon as possible because i really need the item very urgently.have a nice day.
business regard.
bruce walker

Strange, huh? I had posted details about the product and myself, but this mail quotes nothing, not my name, not even the brand of the laptop. Bruce wants to buy this “item”?

Well, I decided this must be a bot of some kind, and and judging by the spelling mistakes a bad one, so I didn’t reply. I did however do a search on Bruce’s email address and some quotes from the inquiry, but google had nothing for me. Am I really the first one to report this? If you have seen a similar message, let me know in the comments.