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Introducing rb-itunes, a cross-platform iTunes API for Ruby


puts ‘Hello World’, it’s very early days … but this little baby of mine now has a name, a home page + project stuff on rubyforge, some documentation and alpha 0.1.2 residing in svn.

The rb-itunes wrapper provides a cross-platform solution to use iTunes in Ruby. If you are a developer currently working on iTunes Ruby scripts with either rb-appscript, rbosa or WIN32OLE, then moving to rb-itunes will give you cross-platform compatibility.

There’s a lot of work to be done before a beta release. So for now, let me know how you like the idea.


USB2 speed tests in Parallels and Boot Camp


In this post I’m documenting my findings of a windows application running in Parallels accessing a USB2 external disk drive. I compared this setup to various other alternative disk locations. I first explain a little bit of the background and the 2 test that I did in each scenario, then show the results and discuss them.

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